DISCLAIMER: Reader discretion is advised, the use of profanity and ego crushing truths is used. Do not continue to read this if you’re easily offended and are in denial of your shitty reality. You’ve been warned, proceed with caution….

Lets be real, your Tinder game sucks or you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

Do you swipe right on every girl and run out of likes without even getting 1 match?

And if you do, it ends up being a bot or someone you have zero interest in.

If you get lucky and get that one cute match, you hit her up with “Hi, hey, whats up, wyd etc” and she never responds.

If this sounds all too familiar…Bro it’s cool, I couldn’t get past 5 matches let alone actually get a response from any of them.

My standards were so low I swiped right on every chick settling for an attractiveness level of a 3 or a 4 and still I couldn’t get laid let alone have a fucking conversation.

I got pissed and deleted the app, but after a few weeks was back on it and I knew I had to use a different approach.

After lots of research and trial & error, I can proudly say I know a thing or 2 about getting laid using Tinder.

And right now I’m going to show you how you can get the same results I had using these 3 simple tricks.

Follow them correctly. and you’ll be hooking up with a different chick every weekend. 😉

1. Let’s get right to it, you need to pimp out your profile…

Your profile pictures are key, and it’s essential you make a good first impression the second she lands on your profile.

If your profile is a selfie of you with your shirt off and a creepy ass smile or grin trying to look all cool, you already fucked up bro.

Or a picture of you and your homies chilling, how the fuck is she supposed to know which one is you?

I can’t fucking stand it when I’m swiping and see a profile pic of like 4 girls smiling at the camera, I always assume it’s the fat ugly chick (and it usually is) – the same applies for guys!

I made all these mistakes too, so don’t feel too bad if this sounds like you.

I’m going to give you a list of “Do’s” & “Don’ts”, follow them and you’ll see results instantly.

Tinder “Don’ts”:

  • Avoid selfies.
  • Avoid group photos.
  • Avoid pictures that don’t show your full face.
  • Avoid low quality pictures.
  • Avoid wearing glasses or covering up any part of your face.

Tinders Do’s:

  • Include pictures of you with a pet.
  • Show off your body (if it’s worth showing off).
  • Use high quality profile photos using high quality SLR camera’s.
  • Use pictures of you looking away from the camera.
  • Include pictures of you being social, this will give you social proof (more on that later).
  • Include your workplace, education and create an intriguing “about you” (more on that later).

Here’s an example of my Tinder Profile…

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  • Main profile picture

Here’s how I choose my profile pictures & why they work.

You literally have a second to impress and intrigue a girl on tinder and that means there’s no room for fuck ups.

You want to strike her curiosity making her want to know more about you in a split second, and that’s not easy to do.

My main profile picture is me sitting on top of my car, looking up into the sky on the streets of New York City.

I choose this profile picture because it clearly shows my face, the car is attention grabbing and I’m not looking directly at the camera.

These are all good features of a good main photo and you should have similar attributes on your main photo.

The rest of my pictures are of me with other people, mainly girls (for social proof) and there’s a reason for that, but before I get into that let me explain what social proof is.

Simply put, social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others and base their own decisions off of what others are doing.

Here’s an example of social proof in action, everyone is out buying the latest new iPhone X and because everyone else is doing it, you want to do it too (if you’re an Apple fan).

How does this apply to your Tinder profile?

It’s simple, when girls (or guys) see that other people enjoy your company, they’ll want your company too.

The reason I chose to have pictures with girls in my profile is because it will stir all kinds of emotions with the girls I’m trying to match with.

Girls will start to wonder who they are, why so many girls are around me and all sorts of crazy questions and emotions which is exactly what I (and you) want.

Now that you know what social proof is and how you can use it to your advantage on Tinder, lets start with the rest of your profile.

It’s important you add your workplace, education and an intriguing “about you” bio to tell girls more about you.

According to a study conducted by Tinder 93% of women report they “Like” a profile they explicitly are attracted to.

This means you have to work extra hard to get a girls attention and you need to do it right.

Unlike most men who swipe right on every profile, women actually want to know more about you before swiping right on you.


You shouldn’t be…

Women like to know everything about everything. 😉

And with that being said, when your profile includes your workplace, education and an intriguing bio you’ll have a much higher chance matching with cute girls on Tinder.

In conclusion to the first step, your main photo shouldn’t be selfie or a group picture; it should clearly show your face and compliment who you are.

Follow the advice I gave you and I GUARANTEE you you’ll instantly start seeing results.

2. It’s a match!

Congratulations, now that you have a few matches on your list, it’s time to initiate a conversation.

Unless your smoking fucking hot or the girl really likes you, she’s not going to message you first.

It’s up to you to initiate the conversation and get her to spill out her digits.

Studies show that 50% of males never message their matches.

What a fucking shame…

You’re already ahead of the crowd if you actually message the girl.

But lets not get too excited, you’ve probably messaged dozens of women and never got a response.

You beat yourself up for it and low-key shatter your confidence in yourself a bit.

You begin to ask yourself, am I not good enough?

What’s wrong with me?

The truth is, there’s nothing wrong with you, it’s your effortless texts that don’t get you a response.

Do you know how many guys message a girl “Hey, hi, whats up, wyd, you’re sexy, etc”, almost every single one!

You need to stick out and grab her attention if you want her to respond to you.

And it’s honestly not that hard…

I’m going to show you just how easy it is getting a girls number using only 1-4 messages.

[Swipe Left or Right to View Slideshow]

See how easy it was for me to get their number?

Like I said, sticking out and being direct will ultimately give you a better success rate than small talk.

In order to intrigue her and catch her interest, you want to evoke her emotions.

You want to make her curious, happy, excited even scared or angry in order to catch her attention.

Here’s a basic list of “Do’s” & “Don’t do’s” initiating a conversation.

Don’t Do’s:

  • Don’t text her “Hi, hey, wyd, wassup sexy etc”, most guys are sending her messages like that.
  • Don’t compliment her boobs or ass, sure she may have a nice rack or a bubbly butt, but you’re not going to get anywhere by being a creep.
  • Don’t be disrespectful, no one appreciates a self-centered prick or an egotistical douchebag.
  • Don’t come off too strong (i.e.: using too many emoji’s, agreeing to everything she says, constantly telling her she’s beautiful and you want her to be yours etc), it’s unattractive to girls and you will scare her off.
  • Don’t let your ego and emotions get in the way, you won’t always get an answer you like from girls – be cool about it and play along with it.


  • Girls are attracted to the “Alpha” male, you have to be assertive while talking to her (i.e. Don’t ask her if she wants to go out with you, instead plan a date and a place and tell her “lets go to [Name of restaurant] at [Time]”).
  • Compliment her fashion, mention her pet, talk about similar interests or music and use that information to help you get her digits and possibly a date.
  • Message her first, if she doesn’t respond wait another 48 hours before texting her again.

Now that you have an idea of what to do and what not to do when initiating a conversation, here are some pickup lines you can use that will evoke her emotions and get her texting you.

Keep in mind that these openers won’t always work, there’s no magic opener out there that works 100% of the time.

Without further ado, lets get right to it.

Tip: The more you customize the openers to connect to her, the higher chances of you getting a reply. (i.e.: using her name, complementing her on her dress fashion or mentioning her pet etc)

Opener #1: The curiosity opener 

Message her the following: “[Her name], I Have some bad news for you…”

Her: “What?”, “Omg, what?”, “and that is???” etc.

You: “Unfortunately I’m going to have to unmatch you since your stunning sense of fashion and beauty make my other matches look bad…”

Her: “Awww thank you 🙂 but don’t unmatch me!!!”

You: “But before I unmatch you, let me get your number so we can arrange an amazing dinner date ;)”

Most of the time she will text you her number right away, but sometimes you have to push a little bit further.

The reason this opener works so well is because of the false time constraint your using and she genuinely believes you’re going to unmatch her.

This makes her scared that she’ll miss out on a date with you and she’ll give you her number.

Moving on to opener #2…

Opener #2: Pizza never let me down…

Message her the following message: “[Her Name], I’ll take you to an Italian brick oven pizzeria that uses only the freshest dough, tomato sauce made from scratch using a 100+ year old recipe, the finest mozzarella cheese imported from Italy and basil leaves picked freshly out of the garden…the smell alone will have your mouth watering, all you have to do is give me your number…”

You’re probably like “WTF?”, but trust me if the girl loves food (and who doesn’t love food?!) she will be intrigued by the message and she’ll give you her number especially if she likes pizza!

Why does it work?

Aside from the fact that it evokes a persons emotions, it also creates a visualization in the readers imagination.

The reader can literally imagine the pizza while reading about it and it’ll make anyone start craving pizza.

3. Following up… [COMING SOON]

I'm a 22-year-old Entrepreneur living in the sunny hills of Scottsdale Arizona. I'm an online marketer and I enjoy blogging in my spare time. I've never been good with girls until a year ago which is when I decided to teach myself through books everything about girls and dating. I've taken that knowledge and applied it to Tinder and the results where rewarding.


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